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As a brokerage, we have been fortunate to earn a reputation of being a long-trusted service provider for the area. We consistently put our best foot forward and continuously explore the best ways to market properties. In the world of brokerage, there is no one size fits all approach, the needs of each property differ along with what stories they may hold. 

We understand the importance of choosing the right firm to represent your most valuable assets, which is why we have developed specific strategies for each property type. See what sets us apart by downloading one of our Marketing & Services brochures below or visit our marketing page. 


In addition to commercial brokerage services, we also offer leasing services. Most all the value of your commercial investments ultimately lies with the property’s tenant mix and its leases. At Buckner Real Estate, we are able to leverage our own decades of experience and relationships of commercial property ownership, management, and leasing to help other owners achieve their goals and to create long lasting investment strategies. 

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Land Brokerage

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